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SIN DVD - $29.95 (retail)    



Stop the presses!  Hola!  We got a nice big update for all of you sinners out there!  New exclusive SIn DVD menu screenshots , four, thats right FOUR killer vidgrabs of the film and much much more to come.  We've also moved poster and promo images into th Gallery Section.  More to come!

Source:INTERNALAugust  2000 NEWS

Sin DVD _ Main Menu
Sin DVD _ Languages Menu
Sin DVD _ Scene Select Menu
Sin DVD _ Extras Menu

Sneak a peek at the SIN DVD!


Well you've heard about it, now its time to take a gander at the upcoming Sin the Movie, DVD!  Here's the man menu screen.


What would you prefer?  English?  Japanese?  Subtitles?  You decide!


The scene select menu.  Pick and choose where you want to go.


By far the most exciting part of the DVD.  We've got character profiles, behind the scenes intereviews,  trailers and movie porttfolio.


Source:INTERNAL August 2000 NEWS


Isn't about time you had a taste of Sin?  We think so, that's why we're dishing out some samples for all of you to enjoy.  It's time to cut you in at last!

  Sin The Movie _ Cutting In  

"Cutting In"
192x144 - DSL
192x144 - 56k

  Sin The Movie _ Read This!

"Read This"
192x144 - DSL
192x144 - 56k

  Sin The Movie _ We Gotta Get Outa Here!

"We Gotta"
192x144 - DSL
192x144 - 56k

  Sin The Movie _ Bad Teddy!

"Bad Teddy"
192x144 - DSL
192x144 - 56k


Source: INTERNAL July  2000                                                                                                              NEWS





HOUSTON – ADV Films is proud to announce the release of Sin: The Movie, the widely anticipated animated feature based on the hit game from Ritual Entertainment.

Enter the world of SIN.  In the 21st century, the city of Freeport teeters on the verge of collapse.  The twin tides of rampant crime and ruinous graft face but a single barrier, an elite strike force labeled HARDCORPS.  Lead by Colonel John Blade, they have become a fierce fighting force for justice in Freeport.Blade must now unravel a mysterious series of unexplained kidnappings.  An elaborate puzzle unfolds as he delves into the decadence of the city, and at its heart is SinTEK, one of the most powerful companies in the world.  Elexis Sinclaire's genius, ruthlessness, and determination built an empire that, on the surface, seems to be giving society everything it wants and needs – drugs that prolong health and, perhaps, even life.  But within the company's well-guarded walls, Elexis' secret experimentations yield considerably darker results that may bring about mankind's greatest evolutionary leap – or its extermination.

Sin: The Movie is sure to get your heart racing and keep you on the edge of your seat!!  This October, ADV Films will bring this exciting title to home video.  Sin: The Moviewill be available on both VHS (English dubbed) and DVD.

Not only will the DVD contain both the English-dubbed version and the original Japanese version with sub-titles, but it will also contain a feature not heard of in the DVD world.  There will be 2 story lines.  That's right, the DVD will contain 2 completely different subtitle scripts for the same animation.  It will be like watching two movies in one, and nobody will want to pass this up!!!  Sin: The Movie is also one of many DVD films that will be compatible with the soon-to-be-released Playstation® 2.



Source: INTERNAL  July  2000                                                                                                             NEWS


"Yes, it was a computer game. Now ADV Films shows a Japanese anime version at Comic-Con." - Straight from IGN


The printing presses are done!  Promo goodies for SIN the Movie are popping up all over!

Check out these two images of the "sell-sheet"!


Source: INTERNAL April 27th 2000                                                                                                      NEWS


Keep on SiNNING!

We got some new experimental desktops via Jason "The Rat" for your viewing pleasure.  








Curious about the availabilty of the Sin the Movie T-Shirts and Posters? Fear not, they will grace this Web site soon, and you too will be able to order them for your Sin collection of goodies. Check out these latest pictures of the t-shirts! And while the developers tended to all be Batman mavens they all claim that the t shirts they purchased from the MoonAtMidnight Batman T shirt store play second fiddle to the new ones from Sin. And check out the great prices on batman t shirts at, but you need to compare the designs to the high end originals at Sin. So join them and trade in your Batman apparel for the more hip and trendy shirts from Sin! The dark knight vs the high end animation has only one winner and it's not a Joker!


But wait theres more!  We've got new screenshots of the film in the Gallery Section, be sure to surf on by and check it out!

More E3 details are coming.  Sinners hold on to those game demos I will be taking them soon. 


Source: INTERNAL February 2000                                                                                                          NEWS


"108,000 hits in 4 hours!"

Yes you heard correct.  Since the launch of the SIN:THE MOVIE Web site, we've been flooded with fans trying to get a sneak peek at the film.  Just when you think you've seen it all, we've updated the sight with MORE characters, cool vehicels,  MORE behind the scenes footage, and MORE desktop images for your computer!

Get a sneak peek at the movie soundtrack in the BTS section and for all you anime fans, we've posted the Japanese voice cast.  You'll be amazed at all the talent we've rounded up for this film!

ADV would like to thank all the cool support we have received from the guys over at Ritual Entertainment.  You guys are the best!

As for the film, it looks awesome!  We actually had a small screening session with a few members of the ADV production staff and the consensus was unanimous!   Final production is currently in the works over in Japan and we have begun selecting the main cast for the much anticipated AMERICAN VERSION!!! 

BTW... Want to sneak a peek at the teaser poster?  How about the FINISHED THEATRICAL STYLE POSTER?!!!

There's a limited run on these posters, especially the teaser poster, so if you manage to get your hands on one... TAKE CARE OF IT!!!


Get involved!  Help us with the buzz!  If you have a SIN related site; snag the banner, give us a holler and let us know what's up! 


For ideas, questions, comments, advertising and more send US email today!!!  Get ready to SIN again! 


"When Phoenix was interviewed recently on SIN and asked what the story was about, the Producer replied that it was a fusion of RoboCop meets Bio Hazard (Resident Evil)."

"Loved this when it was just a game! Now I'm really psyched to see how this plays out on the big screen. Go, Sin, go and can't wait for the sequel, which we already suspect is in the works. Love Sin!" - Larry Nokret


Source: WIRED.COM                                                                                                 PRESS RELEASE



A Sin-ful Movie
Andy Patrizio

3:00 a.m.  8.Oct.99.PDT For years there has been talk of a movie based on id Software's game Doom. At one point, Arnold Schwarzeneggar's name was attached to the project.

But the Doom project never got off the ground and another Dallas game developer will be the first to release a film based on a first-person shooter.

ADV Films, a Houston, Texas-based film and anime studio, is creating an animated film based on Sin, a first-person shooter from Ritual Entertainment, of Dallas,Texas.

Sin could have been done as a live-action film, but as an anime film it was cheaper to produce. Rather than develop an expensive live-action film that could cost US$50 million or more, ADV worked with a Japanese animation studio to develop a one-hour film for less than $1 million.

"Any game that's converted to a movie is going to need a tremendous effects budget," said Mark Dochtermann, a programmer and co-founder of Ritual. "Drawing it as a cartoon certainly simplifies that process."

That also means the content can be a little more violent, and the action more explosive.

"There's obvious limitations of what stunt men and special effects can do, so anime allows the story to be a little more fantastic," said Dochtermann.

ADV Films first approached Ritual in 1998 at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in Atlanta to discuss adapting Sin to animation.

"We chose them because Sin has a story and characters behind it," said Andy Orjuela, special projects coordinator for ADV Films. "They went in-depth with their characters. There's such a nice, intricate story that could be developed. It seemed much better to go after that than anything else at the time."

The movie, tentatively planned for an April 2000 release, follows most of the Sin storyline. The game's story revolves around Colonel John Blade, the owner of a private police force called the Hardcorps, which investigates why human mutations and monsters are popping up around town. He traces the phenomenon back to a brilliant biochemist, Elexis Sinclaire. The object of the game is to wipe out the mutants, Sinclaire, and anything else with a gun or mutated body.

Some changes were made to make the story more appealing to both the American and Japanese markets. A few more female characters were added, and Blade is half-man, half-machine, a popular theme in Japanese anime.

Ritual was busy with other projects, so its involvement was rather passive. It provided ADV Films with its design documentation, which ADV used as the basis of the film. Ritual's staff just saw a trailer of the film and was very happy with what it saw, Dochtermann said.

ADV Films would have liked to release the movie when the game came out last year, but that didn't happen. The script went through seven rewrites in Japan, and had to be translated between English and Japanese each time, which delayed the process, said Orjuela. Having missed the game release, ADV now is taking its time.

"We felt we weren't extremely rushed, since we already missed the Sin game release, so we felt, 'let's do a quality release,'" he said.

When released, the movie will be on VHS and DVD. The DVD version will come with a full copy of the Sin game.